August 1-5

I've definitely learned a lot on this trip! The studio we got to work and learn in was much different form any learning environment back in the states. It was so cool to be surrounded by other photographs and experts in this field that just wanted us to learn. In classes back home, we are constantly worried about failing, but here they welcomed the failure because it allowed them to show us better ways to do it. One of the studio days, I got the opportunity to assist one of the main photographs on a staff headshot assignment. I went into it thinking he would just have me moving equipment, but he would show or tell me the look he wanted and ask me how I would achieve it. It was such a different way to watch a shoot because I actually was understanding why we were moving the lights the way we were. I'm so grateful we got to work in the studio and in so many different ways because I feel like I learned so much.

Being in a group of all photographers was interesting but in a good way. I got to hear other photographer's opinions and why they do things they way they do. Walking around the city and seeing what caught their eye verses mine was so cool and then to see the way each of us edited such similar photos made me appreciate the trip even more. I was able to ask someone if I wanted a certain look and actually be able to figure out how to do it because there was always at least one person in the group who knew how to do something. We all had such different perspectives and styles of photography and it really opened my eyes to all the possibilities that exist in this field.