July 28-August 1

I've loved getting to explore the city! It's so different from anywhere I've traveled in the states and we've been to such amazing places! We've walked around the city a ton and I've loved getting to see how different every area is. Going from the outer areas of the city to the central area and even out to the harbor, shows how diverse the culture is. As someone who lives in a land locked state where it's mostly desert, it was really nice to see areas that are completely new.

My favorite place we've been was St. Nikolai's Church/Memorial. It was honestly a breathtaking sight from every angle. The history of the building and what it represents for the city of Hamburg is insane and I couldn't go into enough detail to do it justice. They built an elevator lift into the church which lets you see the city from the tallest point in Hamburg. There was also a museum that documented the church's history during the Great Fire of Hamburg in 1842 as well as the WWII bombings which was really interesting to read about but also very hard emotionally because we got to listen to first hand accounts and see the aftermath of the damage.