July 23-25

We spent the weekend traveling to Germany. I had an 11hr flight from Arizona to Frankfurt and then an hour flight the rest of the way to Hamburg. I ended up flying with another girl on the program which was good because our first flight got delayed and we ended up missing our connecting flight. We figured it out and ended up in Hamburg only about an hour later than scheduled. This was my first time traveling overseas and it went a lot smoother than I expected. I feel like the expectation is that the airport is pure chaos, and don't get me wrong it was intimidating and new but I knew to get there early and once I settled my nerves a little, it was pretty easy to figure out. My biggest concern was navigating Frankfurt airport in Germany given it's in another language and we had a connecting flight. We walked into that airport knowing we were most likely going to miss that flight and so getting stuck in security and getting a little turned around wasn't too stressful. I've noticed that even those that speak no English are still trying to help as much as possible and so we were still able to get onto another flight and get to Hamburg without too much of a hassle.

Once we got settled in the hostel, we realized we had so much energy that we just had to go explore! We landed pretty late so we thought the taxi ride to the hostel would be completely in the dark but it felt like it was only about 5pm when it was closer to 10pm. Y'all the sun didn't set until about 11pm and that was insane! There was a culture shock for sure, I don't know German and so everything around me was foreign but diving in is such a cool way to learn about it. Euros are all different sizes and colors which just makes me realize how boring U.S. dollars are. This morning, we found this cute little café, and honestly the coffee is definitely better here! I was a little worried coming from a place where we tend to eat bigger breakfasts knowing that in European countries its more common just to have a pastry but it was so good and way more filling than I expected. Later today, we're taking a tour of the studio we'll be working in and I'm super excited! The weather here is amazing and the architecture and overall layout is so different from back home, but it's so beautiful! This is the perfect city to study photography!