• If you want to include glitter/confetti, it must be biodegradable & preferably water soluble.
  • Props are awesome! Feel free to bring champagne, pets, hobbies, etc to personalize your session.
  • Anywhere on campus counts as one location - meaning we can stop by up to 3 buildings


  • If you're both graduating, you can get cap and gown photos together included in either package.
  • Make it a date night with a theme! Picnics, painting, etc can all make for cute photos and a fun time.
  • Engagement sessions are always necessary! Make sure to let me know so we can show off that ring!

Families / Friends

  • Family & friends sessions include up to 5 members (more for an additional fee).
  • For young kids, a toy/snack is recommended to keep them happy & entertained.
  • Feel free to bring a blanket, games, or anything your family enjoys to personalize your session.

Let's Work Together

Now that you know what kind of session you're wanting, click the links below to see the different packages I offer and to contact me! If you can't find a package that fits your needs, let me know and we can customize it to make sure it works. Once you've taken a look at the packages, fill out the form on my contact page and let's get you scheduled!