August 5-August 10

We just got back to Arizona and being back is making me realize even more how different things are here verses Germany. I definitely wanted to mention how different the food is! For starters, the food is honestly just better tasting. There wasn't one thing I tried while I was there that I didn't like! A misconception I think I had though was on the idea that "Americans have bigger portions" and "Americans eat too much" and so because of that I thought meals would be smaller in Germany, but it was kind of the opposite! Food was also less expensive, and you knew what you were eating was healthier and made with better ingredients.

As a whole, everything was less expensive! It was really nice being able to walk in somewhere and knowing exactly how much I was going to pay because tax was already included. It made counting a new type of currency waaaaaaaaay easier! It's also just easier to get around there than it is here, they rely on public transport a lot and so it seemed to be cleaner and safer and honestly just easier to access. Even in a foreign language, we were still able to figure out where we needed to go and easily find a bus or train that could get us there. It has made the idea of public transport here easier too though! I was always afraid I would get on the wrong route or struggle to figure out where I needed to get off to catch the next bus, but after doing that in a language I don't speak I don't think it could be all that much harder!