It's All About You!

You did it, you’re graduating! Whether you're finishing high school, undergrad, or grad school this is a big deal and it’s worth celebrating. A photo session is the perfect way to capture all you did during these years and show off your gorgeous self! While the classic photos are always nice to have: cap and gown, college/high school gear, etc - there are also ways to show off you in your session and I personally believe that’s the most important part. 

How can you do that? Some of the best ways to personalize your photos are including something that represents you and who you were during this time. A prop that was from a hobby, something that showcases what you studied, and a pet are all perfect examples. If you were really into creating music, bring your instrument. If you’re a crafty person, bring your supplies and things you’ve created. If you studied photography like I am, bring your camera. 

And please if you have a furry friend, let’s include them in your photos!

Another great way to make your photos more fun is doing the staple shots. Champagne pops, biodegradable confetti, books, and a paper toss are all fun touches that really show you’re celebrating this amazing accomplishment!