Location, Location, Location

When it comes to choosing the location for your session, there's a lot to keep in mind. Variety, lighting, popularity, and style are what I focus on when recommending a location. But most importantly, what works for you and your family? You have an idea in mind for what you want your photos to look like and I’m here to capture that. 

Variety- The best locations are ones where you can easily move between a few spots and get different looks. While we can get that variety with poses at one spot, being able to change up the background a bit just adds another touch of uniqueness. 

Lighting- Depending on the time of the day, the lighting will look different at every location. This is important because if there’s a specific spot you want to show off or you already know the time your session will be at, you need to know how the light will hit. Typically, this is where I come in! I usually schedule sessions right before sunset which creates the best lighting potential at most spots. I also like to know what I’m working with though so if I haven’t been there, I’ll likely scope it out beforehand and have some specific spots saved. 

Popularity- Some spots just happen to be super popular. That doesn’t mean we have to avoid them but it might mean we have to wait for a specific background or work around other people. This is good to know if you have young kids or want to get through your session quickly. 

Style- Are you going for a more rustic look? A more flowy or nature based? While the most important part of the photo is you, the location of your photos can add to the overall feel.