Is That Even A Thing?

Family photos are crucial in capturing milestones and memories for the loved ones in your life. I know we all want these photos to look perfect and I completely understand that, but when you look back on these photos you also want to be able to remember an enjoyable moment that you shared with your family.

Picture day can be stressful - you’re getting kids ready, sometimes arguments happen in the car ride over, someone’s misbehaving or doesn’t want to be there during the session, and these are all possible things that can happen but what if we looked at it from a different perspective.

Yes, we want the posed and smiling photos with our kids, but the ones that will be treasured when they’ve all grown up are the ones where everyone’s playing and having fun. Those are when we get the real smiles. To truthfully have the “perfect” family session, we have to lose the idea of perfect.

What if you just played a game with your kids and maybe let them be a little crazy? I bet after they relax and realize it’s supposed to be fun, it’ll be a lot easier to get a good smile out of them. I would even recommend bringing a game, toy, or something that represents you guys as a family. Hey, no one said family photos can't be you guys eating a pizza or putting a puzzle together!

Let me be the one to be the “bad guy” that tells them to stand still and smile every once in a while. You’ll be less stressed, and the photos will still turn out beautifully!