The Smallest & Cutest Models

Oh my goodness congratulations on the little one! I bet they are absolutely beautiful because babies are just so precious, and some of my favorites to photograph. Preparing for any photo session can be hard, especially with a new family member. But don't worry, I've got you covered! The main thing is take a deep breath, I know it can be stressful but that's what I'm here for! Typically my newborn sessions are in-home, so you don't have to worry about going far.

This does mean you'll want to walk around and make sure things are a little tidy in the areas you want photos (usually living room and nursery and sometimes the bedroom), and open up the windows so we can see how the light comes in. On that note, that'll also help you figure out when the best time for your session is. You'll want to try to plan for when baby is happiest (I recommend right before mealtime so they can eat as we're starting the session and fall right asleep) and when the most light is coming through the windows.

For outfits, I usually suggest neutrals that go with the color pallet of your home. We can do a couple outfits for baby depending on if they'll let us change them so feel free to find a couple for them! I also offer swaddles in multiple colors that I'll bring to every newborn session (under 6 weeks).