Book A Proposal Or Engagement Session!

Okay, so you've decided to ask them to marry you! Or you already have, and they said yes! Either way... CONGRATULATIONS! We as photographers always sound cheesy when we say it's important to capture and preserve the memories, but this is a big one! These could be photos you look at years down the line and remember the "good old days" or your future kids ask about when you were younger and you can show them this important time in your relationship. I know I sound sappy but you'll want to remember this!

How does that work? Well if you haven't already proposed, some couples want that surprise captured and you can hire a photographer to either hide or fake a planned shoot that turns into a proposal. My style is to plan a couples shoot (or family or whatever works best for you to keep a secret) and we'll figure out all the details beforehand. I'll help you choose a location, i.e if you have a big location in mind like the Grand Canyon I can help narrow down to a specific spot, and I'll coordinate a specific pose that'll be your hint to get that ring ready! Some things to keep in mind before you propose: find someone close to the person being proposed to since they can help make sure this person is ready (nails, hair, outfit, etc) and at the end of the day it's about you 2 and yes photos to capture this are special but the moment shared is even more special!

If they've already said yes, plan an engagement session! Sometimes you'll want the proposal itself to be more intimate and without a stranger with a camera and I totally get that! Let's plan a shoot to announce and celebrate your engagement! We'll figure out the perfect location that helps tell your story and I can help you brainstorm outfit ideas and props to bring with you!

Wherever you're at in the planning process, congratulations and I look forward to potentially working with you!