Grads, it’s time to celebrate YOU!

High school and college seniors, it’s finally that time of year. You’re counting down the days till you walk that stage and start the next part of your life. I remember just a couple years ago graduating high school (during a pandemic oh boy) and yep I’ll be graduating with y’all this season too! I know all the crazy feelings and all the things you gotta plan and figure out. But! As stressful as this time of year can be, you definitely want to get grad photos taken. I know I know it sounds cheesy, but these moments are memories you’ll want to remember years down the line.

Okay so let’s say you’ve decided to schedule a session (YAY!!!) and now you have to figure out what that means. First start brainstorming the different factors for your session - location, outfits, props, theme, other people, etc. For locations, I always suggest someplace that matters to you. That might mean the campus you attend, a local study or hangout spot, a gorgeous nature spot, or in a studio. When it comes to outfits, I offer packages that allow you to include multiple so that you can show off more of your personality. That might mean a sports uniform, a casual outfit, a formal look, or anything like that - but cap and gown is always included (I refer to it more as a prop). Speaking of props, include them! You definitely have hobbies and interests or future careers that you can show off and it adds such a cool personal touch. By theme, I basically mean the look and overall feel you’re wanting. This is sometimes best to start with because it can help you figure out locations, outfits, props, but also which photographer you choose because we all have different styles. People in your life are also important, pets too! They can pop in for a couple photos to highlight who helped you get through these past few years.

We are here to help tell your story and this is a big part of your story, let’s show it off! But what really matters is you did it, you’re graduating! And I just gotta say congratulations!!